Become an Educator 

If you enjoy the company of children and would like to make a difference in their lives by providing "nurturing care and learning in your own home", you may like to consider becoming an Educator with Amana Family Day Care.

Some of the advantages to becoming an Educator are:

  • Choosing the work hours that suit you and your family and those of your clients.
  • Not having to travel to work
  • Set your own business rules - e.g. fees, etc (within government regulations and Scheme policies).
  • The ability to spend time with your own children/grandchildren.


Start up Costs

As with any small business, there are a number of costs that you will need to outlay before you are able to start.  Start up costs may include (but are not limited to); any changes to your home to meet safety standards; equipment and materials; and registration costs.  The health and safety of the children is our number one priority.  There are Government guidelines and standards in place to ensure that your home and yard are safe for children.


Your Income

Each of our Educators set their own fees and therefore the amount you can earn as an Educator depends on the hours you are prepared to work, your hourly charge and how flexible you are prepared to be in regards to the type of care you offer to families (you may be able to provide weekend care, overnight care or evening care for those families who require care outside of normal child care hours). 

Some business expenses are tax deductible, so it is essential that you keep good records in regards to any expenses.  You may also be able to claim a portion of costs that are used in your family day care business - e.g. cleaning products, electricity, telephone, etc.  (Please seek advice from a registered tax agent to maximise deductions for your own situation).


What we expect from you.

If we were to write a job description for Educators it would go something like this:

  • be responsive to children
  • be able to promote each child's health & safety
  • be able to provide a safe, clean & well maintained care environment
  • be able to have a respectful, supportive relationship & communicate effectively with families, staff and especially children.
  • be physically and emotionally able to care for young children
  • be able to plan and provide play-based learning experiences for children
  • be able to respond appropriately in an emergency
  • have a positive approach to behaviour guidance
  • have a basic knowledge of nutrition, health & safety
  • be able to work within guidelines, regulations, policies & procedures
  • willing to undertake further study or professional development (be prepared to commence Certificate III in Children's Services in 2014)


What you can expect from us

  • Support right from the initial phone call
  • Ongoing support with regular visits to your home by one of our friendly, professional Coordinators.
  • Administration support from our administration team
  • Regular "in-house" training provided by our Coordination Team.
  • Toy Library - we have a well stocked toy library from which you are able to borrow equipment & toys(no charge for this service).
  • Fortnightly newsletters covering specific Amana information and other relevant industry news (e.g. National Quality Standards, Regulations etc)
  • We will help  & guide you through the government regulations and policies involved in setting up your family day care business.


Next Step

If this sounds like what you have been looking for, please contact us on 3802 8666 and we will answer any questions you may have and talk to you further about our complete induction process.



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